• despite the title, i won’t really update this blog every Monday. it’s just… a figure of speech?
  • content of this blog basically falls under ‘draft’. everything’s a draft.
  • i’m not a full time writer, in case you’re wondering why this blog is neglected for quite some time. for all you know, i might be out in the wild catching bugs. (and i mean it!)
  • i love lyrics, so the drafts on this blog will be full of it. i’ll italic every use of lyrics and try to credit them, since i know it’s kinda annoying to see people using the words without crediting.

3 thoughts on “about.

  1. Helo Syud…;)

    Jumpa jugak tuan punya blog yang betul. Saya tersalah orang!!!!! Malu giler. Rasa nak campak diri nie dalam Pantai Lido ;) Sebenanya saja jer nak berkenalan dengan ‘bos’ Azril & Dhiya. Kenapa sebut nama 2 makhluk tu jek? Sebabnya saya baru baca novel tu. BMHS dah beli, tapi tak sempat nak membaca skrang nie. Sangat sibuk. Huhuhu…

    Kalau ader masa, singgahlah blog eh. Ada buat sikit review pasal Tentang Dhiya. Baru mula nak berblog bagai. Sebabnya taun nie gedik giler nak buat review lah konon suma buku2 yang dibaca. Alah, lgpun pk maybe blh kongsi dengan org yang sama minat kan.

    Kak Qimi from Cari.Com kata Syud orang JB yek? Kalau mcm tu one day maybe boleh kuar minum2 ker. Mintak autograph sekali :)

    Oklah, panjang membebel ntah apa2 ntah. Kalau otak ngah ‘berat’ mcm nie lah rupanyer. So, have a nice day Syud ;)

  2. well…i’m not really a good fan of Malay novels but since the day i read your novel (baju melayu hijau serindit), i cant stop searching for more of your novels and yes, start to read malay novels now.

    seriously i suka your story flow: how alive you bring out each of your character and important thing is, the funny bits of your storyline.

    reading your novel is like you are giving a new breathe of life in malay literary. not too heavy…but still ade makna sebalik your story nie.

    now i finally found your another novel (tentang dhiya) and cant wait to start reading it.

    terima kasih i ucapkan kerana karya anda tk buat saya tido..hehek ^_^

  3. Hello syud ! I’m writing this because I really want u to write a new piece, pleaseeeeeee ! I’m a big fan of yours. U can’t imagine how I was insanely love your writings. Me & my sister really love Tentang Dhiya. Novel with a simple story line, simple issues, simple characters but have sweet life lessons in it.

    I’m studying abroad & the only novel I brought along is Tentang Dhiya. I also bought e-book version of Pelangi in e-sentral so I can hv it in my phone.

    I can’t get rid of your writings. Please syud ! continue to motivate people. Continue to inspire people to see the positivity in life by the lovely characters you’ve created.

    U never know how much happiness can be brought to the hearts of many people out there by a single writings of yours.

    Really hope for the goods & positivity

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